Our tender embrace


It is an important day. The most important. The beginning of a new Journey. And, as with all travels, one must prepare. With body and mind. Taking off all the accumulated stress and glowing. Emanating happiness. Before the Great Day, take a break and let yourself be pampered by our wellness trails, trying our masks and massages, to finish with exclusive beauty rituals, such as sleep and Tibetan bells to live a period of absolute relaxation. For Wedding Day, choose to be flawless throughout the day and rely on the hands of our Bridal Make Up Artist for a sophisticated makeup, natural effect, bonne mine specially designed for you and your special friends. We are here for You, for You, to make you savor and move in every moment. That’s why we thought that one of the best ways to celebrate the new Journey together is a journey of the senses, an intimate parenthesis, full of relaxation, in our Spa. Our present to toast life together.


A professional make up and special rituals to prepare for the Great Day.


Facial and Body Treatments for a relaxing break with Comfort Zone products.


A romantic relaxing break in the Private Spa to remember the most beautiful moments of the Great Day.